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Defend Your Castle with Unique Heroes in Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD



Kingdom Guard

Download Free Conquer The Epic Battles With Kingdom Guard Mod Apk's Low Monster Health Feature

Kingdom Guard Mod APK is an pleasing method recreation with thrilling experiences. You will be on a mission to shield the dragon egg and rescue your Kingdom.


Kingdom Guard is a special protection recreation mixed with recruiting soldiers. The sport will convey you notable sword and magic wars. You will teach and install troopers to shield your native land from the onslaught of invaders, turning into gifted leaders in this world.



This is a enjoyable sport with an attractive story. Titan has invaded the world, and her mother’s ambitions are on the verge of destruction, so your mission is to locate a legendary dragon egg left in this world. City pulls their darkish legion to assault your kingdom; you want to shield it in opposition to the invasion of giants.

In addition, you want to installation many towers and educate troops to defend eggs from the onslaught of enemies. So, teach your troopers to end up strong and expert in aggregate with different sorts of troopers to shield dragon eggs and store the world. In particular, you can merge troops to make them more desirable and recruit effective heroes to combat the enemy. Besides, you can improve your military with a easy interface.



To be capable to construct many big fortresses and teach effectively, Kingdom Guard lets in gamers to improve them to get rid of boredom. All troopers are below your control, so you can use them for army functions and teach them to emerge as extra advanced. The protection can be organized in accordance to the distinct traits of the troopers to supply an gain in opposition to the invading enemy. With many one of a kind protective formations, you can be bendy in fighting, making strategies, and bringing many surprises to you.

You can construct shielding towers to role them strategically towards enemies with ease. There are many fighting positions that you can unlock, however you have to protect the egg from the onslaught of giants. Defensive towers can be organized in accordance to distinctive traits of Soldiers to counter the enemy effectively. The sport will supply you a lot of exciting with a range of protection formations.



The recreation takes vicinity in the context of the world being totally destroyed through giants, making the guardian dragons extinct. But luckily, there used to be one closing surviving dragon egg, and you determined it. Your undertaking is to shield it from the assault of giants who prefer to steal it.

The recreation affords many tiers for you to mission and face many special kinds of enemies. In addition, you want to recruit heroes and generals such as swordsmen, archers, Mage,… Feet have to be skilled with a lot of trip to be capable to face large enemies.



To be capable to spoil the enemy, you need to recruit many specific heroes. The sport lets in you to summon up to sixteen heroes with extraordinary appearances and fight skills. You can additionally improve heroes to extend their fight electricity and deal large harm to enemies. Each hero has special skills and is appropriate for many extraordinary sorts of enemies, so you want to think about your approach and recruit the proper heroes.

Try to free up all the heroes and educate them to turn out to be effective troopers for your army. You have to constantly be in a nation of fight readiness to be in a position to face all enemy attacks, even effective boss bosses, actively.

Kingdom Guard is an interesting sport with appealing protection gameplay, and your venture is to improve and merge troopers collectively to create the most strong protection squad. The recreation has heaps of unique ranges for you to be part of and undertaking your excellent friend. Besides, the recreation additionally has many special facets for you to discover with lovable graphics.



  • Simple and on hand gameplay: merge heroes collectively to make them stronger. Beautiful and sensible map interface.
  • Collection of diverse Heroes to recruit gamers such as swordsmen, magicians, archers, wizards, … with their personal special look and skills.
  • Defend the territory, and the dragon eggs live on to assault the enemy with many distinctive levels, so the world is absolutely devastated.
  • Deploy troopers to construct your effective navy and improve them to very own a most suitable navy with its very own special strategy.
  • Build protection towers so your navy can combat at a secure distance and assist you combat the enemy quickly.



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