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Experience the Thrill of Killing Zombies with DEAD TARGET Zombie Games 3D Apk Android




Download Free Unlimited Money, Mega Menu: The Ultimate Guide To Dead Target Mod Apk

DEAD TARGET Mod APK places the participant as the solely agent left to combat a zombie city. With ability and sensible evasion, you ought to shoot down zombies, rescue teammates- Agent M, accumulate secret messages and keep the city. 


DEAD TARGET is a top-notch shooter with a simulation of a zombie-infested metropolis. In this fierce survival arena, existence and dying are determined via your genius capturing ability. Surviving and have to locate a way to get away from the zombie town is your mission. The appeal of this recreation is the practical feeling thanks to the sharp images and sound like you are reworking into a persona in the game, hostilities with all types of zombies in the ruined panorama of the destroyed town killed via the Zombie Army.



Entering the opening of the game, the context will regularly appear. A desolate, dark town with a lot of river corpses hovering everywhere. That is the end result of the MZ employer betraying the treaty and triggering the zombie epidemic in the metropolis simply to pressure the President to obey them. Players will seriously change into an agent of a detachment despatched to smash the undead.

However, the Zombie military has defeated the total team; solely you and agent M. Observe closely, take a proper look, defeat zombies, and locate a way to break out from the city. Are you equipped to begin enjoying proper away?!



Have you ever skilled the feeling of being each scared and looking to try? In DEAD TARGET, you will have to each cover from the zombies and shoot down the zombies to discover a way to escape. In addition, the participant need to accumulate greater facts to inform the army, ready for reinforcements.

The participant will face it on my own in all conditions due to the fact the solely last teammate, agent M, is additionally in danger, and you should locate a way to retailer him. Standing in the front of the peace of the metropolis and the lives of themselves and their teammates, gamers will trip a feeling of each pleasure and thrill. Interesting, isn’t it?!



From a lovely city, with the hints of the MZ company, it became into a dingy city, and the people, all contaminated with the virus, grew to be zombies. Every street, each and every wall, or hidden nook has zombies hiding. Walk carefully, scout, or shoot down partitions and structures to forestall zombies from attacking. There will be hidden factors of secret messages and realistic brain to rescue the metropolis in the city. The greater secret messages you find, the quicker the metropolis will return to the way it was once before.


The DEAD TARGET’s photographs and graph are additionally pretty tremendous in contrast to today’s taking pictures games. The ruined scene of the city, the buildings, the walls, … are simply exterior forms, however they are already very beautiful to players.

Zombies and weapons are additionally set to exchange in accordance to every level. There will be one of a kind sorts of zombies: small, big, blue, gray, etc. Depending on the kind you will get hold of extra bonus points. Guns are also divided into many types; at the beginning, you will use the most frequent kind of gun. After receiving bonus factors from killing zombies, use these factors to improve weapons to emerge as greater powerful.

Connect your sport account with different social bills to play video games with friends. Let’s see who will be the pinnacle agent and keep the town first!


Connect your sport account with different social bills to play video games with friends. Let’s see who will be the pinnacle agent and keep the town first!

  • can you correctly depart the zombie city, rescue your teammates and find out the name of the game to inform the army? your taking pictures capability and sensible hiding will decide all. attempt to play dead target now and be the winner!!

  • Hand manage sequence and shoot down zombies.
  • Zombies may additionally be hiding in buildings, walls, etc., so be very careful, can shoot down partitions or structures to kill zombies
  • After taking pictures down zombies, you will get bonus points. Use it to improve weapons. The higher the weapon, the less difficult it will be to kill zombies.
  • Collecting secret messages for army Genius and rescuing agent M is additionally your duty.
  • Connect with buddies to climb the pinnacle of the fantastic dealers together.



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