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How to Build a Stronger Base in Guns of Glory Survival Apk Android




Download Free Revolutionize Your Gaming Experience With Guns Of Glory Survival Mod + Apk Mega Menu

Guns of Glory Survival MOD + APK follows an iron-masked figure’s battle towards The Cardinal. Players will protect a land with effective generals and treasured lookup support. 


Guns of Glory is a approach sport the place gamers improve the land after saving the essential persona from The Cardinal. They will locate many factors to construct and acquire ample assets for their armies. At the identical time, with a numerous quantity of troops and generals, they can create a sturdy navy with research support. 



The story started in the context of turmoil in the kingdom of Guns of Glory when The Cardinal assassinated the king to lift out his plot to take the throne. The energy that allows him to do this comes from the darkness energy he has gained. Thus, the energy of darkness is slowly taking over the kingdom, and it will take a glimmer of hope to remedy this problem. At the equal time, our principal persona is a prisoner carrying an iron mask.

He was once imprisoned in a dungeon and compelled to put on an iron masks so that others ought to no longer see his genuine face. Until one day, a crew of human beings got here and freed him so that he ought to see the mild beyond. They shortly boarded a boat with warm air balloons in the enemy’s attack. Soon after, they persisted to land in a protected land with many elements for financial development. Of course, The Cardinal would no longer condone this escape. 



When you have escaped from jail in Guns of Glory, you will come to a peaceable land with pre-built strongholds. Your job is to assist it develop and commence its ride to battle off enemies from elsewhere, in particular The Cardinal. You’ll discover two constructions that assist you acquire meals and assets to instruct your troops. At the identical time, three kinds of troopers that you can manage in this recreation are infantry, cavalry, distance.

You will have for your self an military led by means of the generals, and surely, the military will be used to shield your kingdom from the enemies. Specifically, you will see enemies that threaten the security of the land on the map, particularly pirates. From there, you will structure an navy with exceptional numbers relying on your tactics, and do now not skip the management of a commonplace due to the fact they will assist the army’s power turn out to be strong. The fighting will be performed routinely with electricity as the key to victory.

Besides the battles that are performed out in the way above, you additionally discover a canon close to the sea, and it is succesful of taking pictures any pirate ship that leaves your area. At the identical time, every one solely fires a most of two instances and waits for strength to fireplace again. 



You want to pay interest to many factors in Guns of Glory, which are the generals and the researches you find. The generals will be unlocked thru the danger opening mechanism when you use the two banners, standard, and master, to get hold of champions with specific qualities. At the equal time, you will discover a collection of researches with one-of-a-kind consequences that you will want to pick to guide the energy of your army.

Tactical gameplay the place gamers will pay interest to many factors:

  • The Cardinal has carried out a usurpation of the throne, and the enemy that can impact his plot is a parent carrying an iron mask.
  • You will be capable to tour to a prosperous land full of buildings, however there will additionally be enemies targeting.
  • Resources can be without problems amassed and used for education exceptional kinds of troops to structure a sturdy army.
  • Generals with distinct traits make a contribution to the power of your military and will be summoned to your side.
  • A complicated machine of lookup the place you will be in a position to improve the crucial matters and guide the navy you form. 

MOD Info

  • Unlimited Agility
  • Unlimited Intelligence
  • Unlimited Strength
  • Speed
  • Mega Power
  • VIP Level 12



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