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Get Ready to Survive in Style with Dawn of Zombies MOD APK + OBB's Freeze Enemy Feature




Download Free Get Ready To Survive In Style With Dawn Of Zombies Mod Apk + Obb's Freeze Enemy Feature

Dawn of Zombies MOD APK + OBB is an online, offline post-apocalyptic survival simulator. Those who survived Conflagration confronted starvation, aberrations, fanatical mutants and zombies, infections, and radiation.


Dawn of Zombies: Survival is a recreation the place gamers should battle to live on in the sequence of risks that the recreation creates. Due to the catastrophe of the earth, many humans died, solely a few humans survived. But to live to tell the tale via diseases, radiation, and specially zombies is probable the most massive chance for players. The sport will convey gamers to the world of struggle to survive, making gamers admire their lifestyles more.



The sport will supply human beings with extra than 60 cutting-edge weapons such as AK, M-16, Makarov pistols… to use in the system of struggle zombies. To use that many present day weapons, gamers want to kill many zombies to earn cash to purchase them. In addition, gamers can additionally get better their our bodies after battles with free meals at their residences. Players should be cautious about the night time due to the fact that is the time when most enemies come to attack.



This characteristic will possibly make gamers like it the most. Because the sport Dawn of Zombies: Survival will provide gamers many duties each day so that gamers can play besides getting bored. Players can additionally freely use motors such as bicycles or UAZ automobiles to cross rapidly in the course of combat.



One of the necessary elements contributing to a magnificent recreation like this is the snap shots and sound. The interface in the recreation is very properly designed and has a steady trade from day tonight. The game’s scenes are no specific from the well-known films about the hostilities for survival with zombies. Moreover, gamers can additionally go invisible and conceal in the timber to battle barring the enemy detecting. At the identical time, mixed with mild sound makes the warfare is extra dramatic.



Players will be combat in many one-of-a-kind areas to do quests, such as discovering hidden treasures or discovering the remaining lands. Not solely that, however gamers can additionally talk as nicely as be part of forces with one of a kind factions such as the military or scientists to have greater forces to battle and live to tell the tale for a lengthy time.



Dawn of Zombies: Survival will be delivered by way of the producer with many new aspects for players. Shortly, the recreation will launch a characteristic to play with buddies so that gamers can without problems hyperlink up with their pals to battle for survival together. The sport additionally permits gamers to improve their base to emerge as large so that they can be part of the battle with the guilds. At the identical time, the recreation additionally makes it extra hard for the participant to add undercover agent drones to prevent combat.

When taking part in Dawn of Zombies: Survival, gamers will find out the mysteries of the ultimate land after the war. The survivors on this land are all hostilities for meals and will kill every different to continue to be alive. Players will battle for survival on their personal orally with different survivors to kill zombies faster. And gamers need to continually equip their weapons cautiously when night time falls due to the fact the zombies will come to be extra violent at this time.



  • Construct and create constructions on the land and underground.
  • In addition to food, the Shelter gives a free capacity of regaining energy.
  • Protect your self from ice and heat, sate your starvation and quench your thirst, get well from radiation and sickness, and hold your self alive.
  • Follow the plot: there are dozens of people, heaps of missions, and notes to maintain song of.
  • Use any mode of transportation to pass about — from bicycle to UAZ.
  • The visuals and lighting fixtures are realistic, with day and night time altering and volumetric fog.
  • Track for bizarre objects that had been created in aberration zones.
  • Wastelands, gloomy woods, and anomalous ruins full of zombies, bandits, and wild animals looking for prey may also all be determined in this game.
  • Weapons that are imbued with factors to make your opponents burn and bleed
  • Trade and collaboration with a range of forces, ranging from scientists to the military
  • Build up your popularity with factions and characters in order to attain distinctive prizes.
  • Advanced craft: extra than a hundred and fifty blueprints for weapons, armor, and automobiles are included.
  • 60+ extraordinary kinds of firearms, along with the AK-47, M-16, Makarov handgun, and Mosin-Nagant
  • Secret Mode: conceal your self in the woods, sneak up on your prey, and kill except being determined
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MOD Info

  • Max level for crafting
  • Free building
  • Free craft

What's new

  • Timed event: Steel Hawk operation! 
  • Advantage vast rewards with the aid of finishing hawks’ errands, taking part within the venture, and cleansing up the territories!
  • There was a new, unique ally available at the time: annie smith.
  • New system includes the 20-slot hawks’ engineer backpack and ally gear.
  • The appropriate lewis mclean, the wasp compound bow, the hawks af patriot, and the iconic hawks m107 black and hawks em are the brand new weaponry.
  • A chance to amass well-known accessories, personas, and weaponry from Hawks.



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